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Vehicle Resident Outreach

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What We Do

Nearly half of King County's unhoused population lives in their vehicles.

Vehicle Resident Outreach (VRO) supports people who live in their vehicles providing vehicle repairs, gas cards, basic needs supplies, housing navigation, connection to other community services, and ultimately, a pathway to stable housing.

Our team prioritizes client safety and stability first, recognizing that every person is an expert on their unique needs and see their inherent dignity and agency when seeking solutions with them. We conduct outreach in two-person teams in North and South Seattle pairing formerly unhoused staff with staff without lived experience. This combination brings stability and knowledge through lived experience to client interactions.

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“Joe and Jonah have been coming and visiting me pretty often. They brought me to Goodwill and bought me clothes, they've got me food before, so I really appreciate them.”

Lux, Seattle Vehicle Resident

Our Staff


Jen Manlief 

Vehicle Outreach Programs Manager

(206) 582-1886


Maya Aquino

North Outreach Manager

(253) 290-3037


Jennifer Adams

North Outreach Lead &

Safe Lot Case Manager

(206) 898-3959


Peter Ostrander

Housing Case Manager

(253) 222-9835

Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Jonah Silverstein

South Outreach Lead

(509) 906-3914


Justin Ingram

Outreach Manager

(951) 251-5465

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You Can Make an Impact

Drop-off Items at UHeights:

What can I donate?

Before donating, ask yourself, would I put this on my body or offer it to someone I care about? If the answer is yes, please share it with us! If not, consider other donation sites for stained, torn, smelly, or otherwise unusable clothing, such as Threadcycle.

Items we are looking for:

  • Socks

  • Gloves

  • Jackets

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