UHeights Theatre Alliance

UHeights is proud to announce the formation of the

UHeights Theatre Alliance!

Steadily increasing rental rates throughout Seattle have limited performance and rehearsal options for the artists responsible for making Seattle such a vibrant city. UHeights has partnered with over a dozen local theatrical groups to provide them affordable space in exchange for performances and workshops that are open to the community. There are already shows slated for this month, and we will have a packed schedule throughout the year.

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Filament: A Collab Lab

Filament: A Collab Lab is a lab theatre company that was co-founded by three multi-disciplinary artists in October 2016. Brittany Allyson, Nathan Brockett, and Sophia Franzella wanted to make a platform for artists to play, explore, and experiment without fear of "failure". Since its inception, Filament has retained the belief that collaboration and play (not money) are the most important aspects of creation. Making professional theatre accessible to ALL people is Filament's major purpose: to illuminate all lives with art regardless of income.

Noveltease Theatre Logo.png

Noveltease Theater

Noveltease Theatre produces contemporary burlesque plays, using text, dance and burlesque to embody literature and create community around storytelling.

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Parley is a collective of Seattle playwrights committed to the long-term development of one another's work. We provide a protected space in which to welcome the unguarded, authentic expression of our differences to the stage.

Parley Productions


Play Your Part

Our productions and events focus on under-invited communities and highlight topical stories that need telling. Through new, existing, and devised work we aim to inspire our audiences and give them direct access to organizations that turn their inspiration into action. Everything we produce benefits our charity partners, as well as the artists creating the work. We strive to reach into diverse neighborhoods to engage all demographics in spaces that serve the pieces, inspire us, and activate our communities. 

Seattle Public Theater

For more than three decades, actors, directors, audiences, and students with a passion for exceptional theater have found a home at Seattle Public Theater, on the shores of Green Lake, in the historic bathhouse. Today, we're building on our past and broadening our reach to make theater that speaks to life in this moment, and life in our city, as never before. At the heart of every organization's mission, there ought to be a vision of a better world. Here's ours: We want to create an inclusive, intellectually curious world that actively engages with ideas and people. How will we accomplish that? By producing compelling and socially relevant theater to start conversation and ignite empathy. 


Theater Schmeater

Since 1992 our mission has been to produce great plays simply, and to foster a love of theater as an art form in future audiences. 

Theater Schmeater produces intimate, quality theater that drives conversation and human connection through shared experiences. 

The Studio Seattle.png

The Studio Seattle

Lead by theatre and television director and former professor of drama Andrew Tsao, The Studio offers actors the opportunity to train one-on-in a small company of actors with a director and acting teacher who has worked at the highest levels of television and theatre and top-ranked university MFA acting programs.

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Albatross Theater Laboratory

Albatross Theatre Lab provides early-career theatre artists with a space to both cultivate and showcase their unique artistic visions. Building from a strong community base, Albatross highlights the exciting, imaginative work being produced by emerging artists in the Seattle theatre community, while also encouraging these artists to experiment, grow, and develop their own creative voices. Albatross was founded by a small group of former members of The Bathhouse Ensemble (BE).

Global Works Theater

The process of artistic collaboration is a mirror for global partnerships and intercultural communication.  It involves a balance between expressing one’s own aspirations, becoming sensitive to the vision of others, finding common ground while standing one’s own ground, paying attention to process, and negotiating a dynamic and harmonious outcome.
We encourage audiences to learn from the past. We inspire them to vividly experience the present. We forge a better future by inviting all people into the creative enterprise, to become creators.

SMOC Logo PINK.jpg

Seattle Modern

Opera Company

Seattle Modern Opera Company (SMOC) is a very new company in Seattle, WA. Created by one of the co-founders of OperaMuse, SMOC wants to bring opera into the modern age. By modernizing the texts and translating them into English, SMOC performs the classics in a way you’ve never seen them before!


This performance travels throughout Red Square and the surrounding campus and is all wheelchair accessible. 
(All paths paved and ramped.)

Audiences will cast each performance before it begins; until you arrive in the Square, the actors do not know who they are playing in that performance.  We need you. No performance is the same.

As the sun beats down on the Square and temperatures and passions boil over, you will follow your family into the heart of William Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET. 
Choose your side and race with us through the Square.

Fight to the death. Fall in love. Follow us. 

#teamcapulet #teammontague

Off Road Shakespeare Company

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 10.56.32 AM.pn

Pork Filled Productions is the theater offshoot of the long-running sketch comedy group, The Pork Filled Players. PFP is the oldest Asian American drama group in the Pacific Northwest and is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Asian American theatre by tackling non-traditional subject matters for Asian American theatre, ranging from sketch comedy to steampunk to supernatural romantic comedies to kung fu Shakespeare zombies.

Pork Filled Productions

Evan the Magician

Any magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat, but Evan the Great can make smiles appear on even the sternest and most skeptical of faces. Any illusionist can float a lady -- or saw one in half -- but no one is better than award-winning magician Evan Reynolds at conjuring up a sense of wonder in the hearts of children and adults alike. Whether he's guessing a card, wiggling out of a straight jacket, or reading minds, Evan the Great lives up to his billing as a dynamic, interactive and very, very funny entertainer. 

Jet City Improv

Jet City Improv offers hilarious improv shows, improv classes, original shows, corporate improv classes, and outreach work based out of a bright yellow theater in Seattle’s University District.

Jet City Improv was founded in 1992 by Andrew McMasters and Mike Christensen as Seattle’s own improvised comedy show: more games, more comedy, no points or rules. 


Broadway Bound Children’s Theatre transforms the lives of children, ages 5 – 18 through active participation in theatre arts combining a fun and supportive atmosphere with professional standards. Children of all skill levels and backgrounds are challenged and supported while developing their mental, physical, emotional, social and creative potential through the joy and discipline of live theatre.

Broadway Bound

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5031 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98105

(206) 527 - 4278