UHeights Artist Collective 

The UHeights Artist Collective has an ongoing Gallery of works on daily display throughout the halls of this gorgeous old historic building, open for all to visit at any time. 

The Collective also hosts occasional gatherings to bring together our artistic community! From visual artists and artisans, jewelry makers and clothing creators, to performers in dance, music, and poetry, we celebrate what our community has to offer.

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Aaron Brown


Aaron is a Seattle local and one of our very own staff at the UHeights Center! He is self-taught and works exclusively in acrylic. Aaron draws inspiration from the works of H.R. Giger and Dr. Seuss. His unique style of painting uses straws to mold and shape the wet paint on canvas. 

Ann Thomas

Silk Painter

(art featured above)

Ann is a self-schooled silk artist. As a child, she was fascinated with silkworms and cocoons and the way silk was woven. Her adventure began in 2002 when she was captivated by the way silk takes to dye. Ann lives in the Newcastle area; her studio is on a picturesque farm that is an inspiration for many of her paintings. 

Brittani Anglin

Paper Artist

Beauty and romance are what Brittani wants people to see and feel when they look at her art. The cranes and the flowers in her art both being as gentle as they are, speak to a nature she considers "Who I am." Brittani creates art to reflect a piece of time that is colorful, beautiful, and whimsical. 

Candise Salinas


Candise recently moved to Washington and the Seattle area. Originally from Texas, she studied welding, glass working, sculpting and photography at the Southwest School of Arts, Green River College, and the University of Washington. 

Chris Lecocq

Commercial Artist

Chris has been a graphic designer, illustrator and creator of all things wonderful and fanciful for over thirty years. She yearns to share her joy with others and loves to see them realize their undiscovered artistic dreams. Chris has taught various classes, always proclaiming, "there are no mistakes in art."

Ekta Gupta

Color Pencil Artist

Ekta started drawing in 2009. Colored pencils and graphite are her media of choice, but she also enjoys experimenting with pen and ink, pastels, charcoal, acrylics and chalk. Born in India, Ekta has been living in the U.S. for almost three decades. 

Visual Artist

Elise Tissot Storey

Elise is a former dancer and pastry chef who traded toe shoes and mixers for an easel and a press, and has reveled in making visual art since. She has lived around the world studying and enjoying other cultures and ways of life, all the while collecting stories, friendships, and a great deal of objects to paint, draw, carve, or print. 


Jonathan Decker

Jon is an artist from the Tacoma area. He loves horror, sci-fi, nature and all around weird things in general. He mainly works with inks, watercolor, acrylics and graphite. Jon feels like his work is a good representation of his personality and also the things he enjoys.

Kendra Azari


Kendra is an award winning artist, mother and activist. She has had a passion for art since a young age and has dedicated her life to bringing beauty to her community. Her style revolves around nature, the beauty of women and her surroundings. Her medium of choice is acrylic and mixed media, but has strong roots in printmaking. She is currently working with the Lake City Arts and Culture Committee where she is painting murals in efforts to beautify the city and engage with the community. Kendra is a Seattle native where she currently resides.

Commercial Artist

Kiam Wright

Kiam is a freelance commercial artist based in the Seattle area. He specializes in custom portraits, fine art, and illustration. Kiam enjoys working in a variety of mediums and styles and aims to produce quality art that reflects a commitment to excellence, as well as to true emotion and beauty. 

Kree Arvanitas

Multimedia Artist

Kree's artwork reflects her interests as a history buff, ardent traveler, and lover of all arts from classic to folk. Mexican retablas, Buddhist shrines, ancient and modern art and iconography inspire her to synthesize, reflect, and produce new forms and visions. Kree's works include collage, acrylic, gouache, assemblage, henna paste, body paint, photography and altered photographs. Her pieces can be contain intimations of gender, power, domination, social struggle and spiritual quest. 

Kristian Winnie


Kristian started painting because his walls were bare and he couldn't afford any artwork he liked. "Work like a horse, dream like a child," best describes his artistic style.

Hope Angel


Hope Angel is a local Pacific Northwest artist specializing in original acrylic paintings. Painting in her cozy, eclectic art studio in Seattle since 2017, she enjoys adding unique perspectives to her designs to make each piece truly memorable. The inspiration of myriad natural wonders that the Pacific Northwest offers feeds her diverse and varied artwork, from seascapes and landscapes to abstract flowers and bridges, and much more. Often, she surprises herself with the finished product. Her work is displayed in galleries and coffee houses statewide.

PAWS with Cause

Art Organization

Grounded in love and concern for animals, Paws with Cause brings an opportunity for seniors and others to express themselves through painting portraits of local area shelter pets. 

Sanctuary Arts

Art Organization

Sanctuary Arts is a multi-faceted art studio for homeless and street-involved youth. Their mission is to create a safe, warm, calm environment for these youth to experience creativity and success through the use of a wide variety of artistic media. 


Steven Omondi

Steven is from Kenya. He makes handmade jewelry, earrings, and bracelets. He also draws batiks and paintings. He has a variety from his artist group in Kenya - salad spoons, batiks, painting, kinds and many more.

Susan Moffitt


Susan has been creating art for over three decades. She owned a business selling fine and functional art in gift shops, fairs, and online. Her art has appeared in numerous venues around the region including Ghost Gallery and Ryan James Fine Arts.

UDYC P.O.C. Street Arts

Art Organization

P.O.C. Street Arts is an art-and-culture based program that offers short-term employment opportunities to youth of color experiencing housing insecurity and barriers to employment. The program seeks to engage the voices of youth of color in creative expression and leadership through a social justice lens. 

Art Organization

Vibrant Palette Arts Center

Vibrant Palette empowers artists with disabilities, raises the visibility of their work, and builds a more inclusive arts community in Seattle. VPAC serves adults with disabilities by providing a day program in a professional studio environment with a focus on learning about and creating visual arts. Vibrant Palette provides a 6 Hour structured day program that includes studio time for painting and clay mediums, guest art teachers, and community outings to local galleries or museums to encourage VPAC artists to learn about the creative processes and experiences of other artists. VPAC hosts at lease three art shows per year showcasing and selling artists' work with a 50% commission that is funded back into the organization.  

Alex Lubbers

Multimedia Artist

Alex is a storm chaser, he is 17 years old. Lightning is his favorite thing to photograph, second being night skies. When the weather is not putting on a show, Alex draws nebulas and galaxies, as well as storms & landscapes.  He is inspired by the magic and wonderful sights that nature provides He sees the sky as Nature’s canvas where she paints the most amazing artworks one can see. Ever since he was a kid, Alex has been fascinated with weather, especially storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and lightning. Most of his photos are long exposure, allowing for other fun shots of fireworks and laser lines as well.

Pallavi Garg

One Part Artist

Pallavi passionately believes in the transformative power of stories. She has explored her own stories through experimentation with various forms of art for most of her life, dabbling in theater, diving deep with ceramics and glass art, playing with textures through visual art and with metaphors in the poems that reveal themselves to her from time to time.

Visual Artist

Lindsey Reeves

Lindsey is a visual artist from Seattle, WA.  She specializes in vibrant colors and shapes.  Her beautiful acrylic paintings are whimsical, and capture the imagination.

She is a northwest native who is greatly inspired by nature, native art, and whimsical fairy tales.

Tyreesha "Lady" Jenkins

Mixed Media Artist

Tyreesha creates works attune with her learnings and practice of indigenous ritual, ancestral reverence & humane rights. Via the influence of mixed media, storytellling, mythology, and contemporary cultural production she utilizes seed beads as a signature thread harmonizing her pieces. Her art reflects and interrogates Afro-Caribbean history, U.S. foreign-relations, identity constructs, and spiritual traditions in conversation with confronting generational pathologies and healing chronic trauma patterns. Under the supervision and guidance of University District Youth Center's P.O.C. Street Arts, Tyreesha is emerging as a community artist and revolutionary cultural activist.

Daniella Rosaline

Artisan & Beautician

Daniella has been an artist her entire life and became an entrepreneur at the age of 18 as a custom jeweler. She runs a beauty business (makeup, esthetics and hair styling) full time and has a studio in Alki. Her current artisan specialty is candle-making, she handmakes nontoxic soy candles with essential oils.  Daniella finds inspiration (with all her artistry) in everyday life, friends, strangers, nature, struggles & other emotions that push her to create art.

Sheri Brasell


Expressing her emotions into canvas is most meaningful when Sheri connects her innermost places that touch her heart, extends to her hand, to guide the paint brush into the canvas. And for many years, she couldn’t find her way to color and paint. Sheri put her paint brush down when she began her twenty-five-year career in the tech industry.  It has only been this last year Sheri picked up her brush again after facing life threatening health issues. She creates with watercolors and oils from an emotional place because she is still living and still learning to be and not merely do life.

Akshara Ravela


Akshara is a dreamy 6-year-old who loves making bright and vivid art capturing colorful flowers, rainbows, hearts, unicorns and butterflies. She is an ardent animal lover and a vegetarian by choice. Her empathy and love for nature shows through her choice of art expression that is filled with most vibrant colors of the world.

David Mampel


David Mampel first started painting when he was an ordained minister in Idaho Falls, Idaho from 1988 to 1992, creating huge mixed media pieces using old photographs and paint to try and understand his life. You may know him as Daffy Dave the clown, as David was, and is still known as "Daffy Dave," the professional clown, in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently in Seattle, Washington. He has sold over 100 paintings since he started doing art on this go around and now has a variety of genres ranging from impressionism to abstract. David recently had his art on display at The Red Onion Tavern for the 2018 Madison Park Art Walk, Caffe’Vita (Seward Park), and Victrola Coffee Roasters in Seattle.

Kristina Nielander


Kristina (she/they) is a twenty-something queer artist and organizer from a tiny town in Kansas. Some of her main priorities in life are to contribute to the dismantlement of white supremacy and systems of oppression in our world and within herself through art and action -- and to ground herself in humanity by appreciating the small whimsical joys of life. Mealtimes are Kristina’s favorite times of every day. She is constantly doodling. She loves too easily, and is truly a cartoon penguin in my heart. Whoever is reading this, Kristina is sending good vibes to you. 

Adrienne Bell-Koch


Adrienne works primarily with oil paint, but also enjoys drawing and block printmaking. They studied fine art, art history, neuroscience and philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania and use their intellectual curiosity to explore everyday moments and memory through their art. Most of their finished paintings are based on photographs that they took of inspiring light and color.

Anne Earhart


Anne is a multidisciplinary artist originally from the Midwest with a nomadic journey via the East Coast, Europe, the SF Bay Area, and eventually settling in Seattle.  Her artwork occupies many genres, from photography and film to drawing/illustration to installation pieces. In all of her work there is a constant introspective curiosity to understand an otherwise confusing world, as well as amused observation of semiotic conventions. Anne is fascinated by linguistics and cheese, not necessarily in that order.

Kara Swanson


After graduating business school, Kara decided to put her creative and business skills to work opening up her own handmade business selling candles. She loves all things spiritual and creates each candle to serve as little inspirational reminders. Kara is working towards keeping her business as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. She’s excited to keep expanding and creating.