UHeights Artist Collective


The UHeights Artist Collective is a group of visual artists, artisans, jewelry makers, photographers, and creatives made to celebrate our local artistic community and all they have to offer.

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Aaron Brown

Painter - Aaron is a Seattle local. He is self-taught and works exclusively in acrylic. Aaron draws inspiration from the works of H.R. Giger and Dr. Seuss. His unique style of painting uses straws to mold and shape the wet paint on canvas. 

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Alice Larson

Origami Folded Paper Art | Alice has been an origami artist for at least 30 years. Her primary current venue is her origami gallery (Island Paper Chase) on Vashon Island, but she has also been and continue to be involved in numerous shows and exhibits across the Northwest.

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Ananya Mishra

Ananya is an avid street photographer and aspiring photojournalist. She loves to capture candid moments and document the world around her. She has been published in the Seattle Times, the Minnesota Daily, and Northwest Asian Weekly.

Ananya Mishra

Ananya is an avid street photographer and aspiring photojournalist. She loves to capture candid moments and document the world around her. She has been published in the Seattle Times, the Minnesota Daily, and Northwest Asian Weekly.


Anne Lovinger Earhart

Photographer | Anne is a multidisciplinary artist originally from the Midwest with a nomadic journey via the East Coast, Europe, the SF Bay Area, and eventually settling in Seattle. Her artwork occupies many genres, from photography and film to drawing/illustration to installation pieces. In all of her work, there is a constant introspective curiosity to understand an otherwise confusing world, as well as amused observation of semiotic conventions.

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The Colorization Collective

Arts Organization | The Colorization Collective is an organization that supports teen artists of color and hopes to promote diversity in the art world through inclusive and accessible means. As part of their programming, we facilitate opportunities for BIPOC teens to share their artwork. As an organization, they support teens working in all artistic mediums.


David Mampel

Painter | From 1988 to 1992 Dave started creating huge mixed media pieces using old photographs and paint to try and understand his life. David now resides in Seattle helping his elderly parents, while clowning and painting as much as he can in his newly constructed art studio. David has sold over 150 paintings and now has a variety of genres ranging from impressionism to abstract.

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Elise Tissot Storey

Visual Artist - Elise is a former dancer and pastry chef who traded toe shoes and mixers for an easel and a press and has reveled in making visual art since. She has lived around the world studying and enjoying other cultures and ways of life, all the while collecting stories, friendships, and many objects to paint, draw, carve, or print.

Elizabeth Lemon

Visual Artist | Elizabeth is a fine art photographer with roots in photojournalism. She is currently exploring new ways of conveying messages combing her work studying marriage and family therapy and personal healing through large-scale, abstract, multi-media works of art. Native to the Southwest, Elizabeth now calls Seattle home after living and traveling around the world. Website and IG soon to come!


Hope Angel

Hope Angel is a local Pacific Northwest artist specializing in original acrylic paintings. Painting in her cozy, eclectic art studio in Seattle since 2017, she enjoys adding unique perspectives to her designs to make each piece truly memorable. The inspiration of myriad natural wonders that the Pacific Northwest offers feeds her diverse and varied artwork, from seascapes and landscapes to abstract flowers and bridges, and much more. Often, she surprises herself with the finished product. Her work is displayed in galleries and coffee houses statewide.

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Jenny Messerle

Jenny Messerle is a mixed-media and Procreate digital artist. Her mission is to share helpful ways to add more joy and self-compassion to your life. Jenny’s written a book titled “I am a Golden Buddha: A Journey from Self-Criticism to Inner Peace” and has 47 five-star Amazon reviews and praise from creative luminaries like Sabrina Ward Harrison, Rachel Awes, Jill Badonsky, and Violette Clark.


Juion Mitchell

Acrylic, charcoal, mixed median | Juion is a 44 African-American male who is self-taught. In fact, he had not picked up a bush until faced with a mental break in his 30’s. Painting has truly saved his life and recovered his soul from the brink of destruction. Meditation and wellness are now fundamental to his daily practice.


Kendra Azari

Kendra Azari is a Seattle born Visual Artist, Activist, Educator and Student of Life. She has had a passion for art from a young age and has dedicated her life to bringing beauty to her community. She draws inspiration from her Persian heritage, the beauty of women, spirituality, her search for inner peace and Mother Nature. She has a passion for public art and community connection.

Latisha Franklin

Inspirational Quotes | Latisha and her daughter are an artist duo with many homemade hand crafted artistic items to choose from such as key chains, t-shirts, mugs, and more.


Linda Risler

Cotton Fabric Quilts and Baskets | For Linda, quilting is an adventure in style, color, and symmetry. It has become an extension of her science background, allowing her to create friendly pieces which can bring warmth and comfort, using modern technology but still hand made.


Matt Leaman

Matt Leaman is a photographer. His happy place is out in nature; enjoying the landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife that is all around us. Most of my adventures are focused on experiencing new natural places and/or seeing animals in their wild habitats.


Paws with Cause

Nonprofit Organization | Grounded in love and concern for animals, Paws with Cause brings an opportunity for seniors and others to express themselves through painting portraits of local area shelter pets.

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Shelby Cramer

Shelby Iwatani Cramer is an artist who explores their Filipino heritage through jewelry fabrication and metalworking.


Tom Langehaug

Candlemaker & Acrylic Artist


Valencia Lawson

Candlemaker | Valencia is a Seattle based artist that uses wax to form art that make people smile. She is passionate about the way that her art makes people feel once they lay eyes on it.


Vicki Robinson

Oil on canvas - hardboard with collage elements - CSU - 1979 BFA in painting, CU - 1990, MFA in painting, 1989 - Skowhegan Shool of Painting and Sculpture. I’ve enjoyed painting for 40 + years…inspired mainly by nature - patterns -forms that contain.