Auditorium Venue 

Your event takes place on the top floor in the Auditorium. There is a chair lift available at the SW entrance (off Brooklyn Ave) with a maximum capacity of 550 lbs. Call UHeights staff for assistance at (206) 235-8567.

Please follow the yellow flag if you are entering from our South entrance

Please follow this red flag if you are entering from our North entrance

Parking is FREE for event attendees. If you drive to UHeights Center, feel free to park your car in the parking lot. If there is a sign in front of your parking space, read it to make sure the space is not reserved.

Please follow this green flag if you  are entering from our Southwest entrance

Pictures below show the inner views after entering from different entrances. For attendees entering from the South Entrance, you can follow the stairs you see on your right side once you entered the building. The stairs will lead you to the second-floor hallway.

Southwest Entrance

South Entrance

If you need to use the chair lift, use the southwest entrance

North Entrance

You will see bookshelves throughout UHeights as you head to the venue. Please feel free to take a or leave a book!

Take another flight of stairs to the second floor

First-Floor Hallway

First-Floor bookshelf

Head south on the second floor to the end of the hallway

There are two bathrooms. One is located on the first floor and one is located on the second floor near the theatre area.

First-Floor bathroom

Second-Floor bathroom(on the right side of the theatre)

Drop by the "Teachers Lounge" on the 2nd floor for snacks and beverages, including beer and wine!

Here you are! Pass the reception table and walk into the theatre area.

Please enjoy the show

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