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We adore our historical wood-frame building, but with it, comes a need for constant upkeep. Aside from the daily maintenance associated with hundreds of daily occupants, we are constantly working to make improvements. From playground remodeling, seismic retrofits, and the development of UHeights Plaza, the preservation of our building is at the foundation of the work that we do.

Our preservation is an ongoing and resource-intensive endeavor that is fundamental to our continued contribution to the cultural fabric of the U District. Please consider making a donation to UHeights so that we can continue making these vital improvements.


In 2018, UHeights began the journey of repairing our roof, parapets, and cornices, as they started to show signs of water damage and infiltration.

We were thrilled to receive $750,000 in state funding for this project through the Heritage Capital Project Fund (HCPF), administered by the Washington State Historical Society.

In addition, this project would not have been possible without the major support of:

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust


Seattle Office of Arts and Culture

Norcliffe Foundation

Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation

Joshua Green Foundation

Richaven Architecture & Preservation

U District Rotary

Pat and Ken Weber Fund


In a neighborhood and city bursting with creative talent, small performing arts spaces are hard to find! We are excited to unveil the renovations made to our beloved Auditorium (Rm 209.) Improvements include a new stage, lighting grid, sound system, projector, big screen, and blackout curtains. These changes will allow for more versatility for performers and neighborhood groups alike.

This project would not be possible without the support of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods and 4Culture.

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