Other Partnerships

Below are organizations who are partnered with us and who help us provide more programming and happenings for our community! Included is each organization's mission statement, and how they help us further our own goals.  

Thank you, Partners!

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Fremont Abbey Arts

"Our mission is to curate welcoming arts & cultural experiences where people of all ages and incomes can explore creativity, enjoy beauty, grow empathy and increase awareness."

Through our partnership, Abbey Arts has helped UHeights in furthering one of our main values: the preservation and celebration of arts in our community. 

Visit their website here.


University District Farmers Market

"The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance is committed to supporting and strengthening Washington's small family farm businesses by creating and operating vibrant, successful neighborhood farmers markets."

By providing a space for local farmers to sell their food, the UDistrict farmers market helps connect members of our community with local food. By using the space directly outside of the UHeights Center, the farmers market helps continue our values of activating our preservation as a Center for the Community.  

Visit their website here.

University District Partnership

"The U District Partnership (UDP) serves all who work in, live in, and visit the U District by fostering and sustaining a vibrant, diverse, and healthy neighborhood for the common good."

The U District Partnership has contributed greatly to our cause through helping preserve our grounds and upholding our values of community here in the U District. 

Visit their website here.

ACIT Seattle

"Our mission is to encourage and support the art of tabla drumming & Hindustani music through educational programs, concerts & classes."

ACIT Seattle, or the Anindo Chatterjee Institute of Tabla in Seattle, promotes the celebration of culture and music, and has helped preserve our values of community, culture, and love of the arts through performances here in our building. 

Visit their website here.

The Meaningful Movies Project

"The Meaningful Movies Project is a non-profit organization that assists neighborhoods, groups and individuals organize, educate and advocate using the power of social justice documentary film and relevant conversation to build positive and meaningful community and a more just and peaceful world."

At UHeights, MMP helps spread messages of advocacy and social justice through screenings of movies in our historic auditorium. These movies help bring people together to highlight important principles of community and acceptance. 


Visit their website here

Social Justice Film Festival

"The festival’s mission is to forge creative alliances with diverse communities, bring inspiring filmmaking to new audiences, and make the art of filmmaking an integral part of social change."

Through a social justice lens, the Social Justice Film Festival and their partnership with UHeights brings community members together to discuss and advocate for change on a variety of topics. 

Visit their website here.

350 Seattle

"350 Seattle works toward climate justice by organizing people to make deep system change: resisting fossil fuels; building momentum for healthy alternatives; and fostering resilient, just, and welcoming communities."

350 Seattle has partnered with UHeights to address climate change through gathering community members and prompting action. This partnership utilizes UHeights' status as a center for the community as a way to unite people towards change, and allows action through various events put on by 350 Seattle. 

Visit their website here

ROOTS Young Adult Shelter

"ROOTS Young Adult Shelter builds community and fosters dignity through access to essential services and a safe place to sleep for young adults experiencing homelessness."

One of UHeights' main goals is to create a community center for all, which includes supporting people of all ages, and all states of residency. ROOTS helps us by extending their safe space into ours, and helping us transform our space to be as welcoming as possible for all groups. 

Visit their website here.

King County Law Library

"Without access to information, there is no justice."​

UHeights and KCLL regularly host free legal workshops to the community including family, Pro Se, and small business workshops, ensuring that community members of all kinds are able to have access to their rights and ability to advocate for them. 

Visit their website here

Sanctuary Arts Center

"Our mission is to provide a safe, warm, and calm environment for homeless and under-served youth​ to experience creativity and success through relationship-based artistic programs and internships.

Sanctuary Arts Center has worked with us to help address pressing issues facing our community, and has partnered with us to provide opportunities to under-served members of our community. 

Visit their website here

U District Street Medicine

"We are a student-run, inter-professional volunteer organization dedicated to improving health equity among those experiencing homelessness in Seattle's University District." 

U District Street Medicine helps us connect with under-served members of our community by spreading access to healthcare and treatment. 

Visit their website here


"YouthCare works to end youth homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential."​

By working to empower homeless youth, YouthCare and UHeights help provide opportunities that allow youth of all backgrounds to find inspiration and access to programming that we provide. 

Visit their website here

U District YMCA

"The Y is Seattle’s founding nonprofit organization, offering health, hope, and opportunity."​

UHeights and the Y have partnered to provide equitable entertainment to families in the UDistrict.  

Visit their website here

North East Seattle Together (NEST)

"Our Mission: To give our neighbors choices for staying independent, active and connected."​

As part of Northeast Seattle, NEST and UHeights are dedicated to creating a strong and active community in our section of Seattle. NEST specifically advocates to aging communities, and promote the ability to grow older within your own home, in a connected community. UHeights hopes to help in this mission by providing resources for staying active and meeting other members of our community. 

Visit their website here

Scarecrow Video

Scarecrow Video is the largest independent video store in the country with over 120,000 individual titles available for rent. 


Scarecrow is a wonderful partner for all our movie programs and UHeights is excited to host their Children's Hour program. 

Visit their website here

Parkour Visions

Parkour Visions committed to sharing the benefits of parkour, play, and urban fitness with people of all ages through educational programming, design service, and community development support. 


UHeights hopes to support the community members' growth and wellness through hosting Parkour Visions' classes.

Visit their website here

Queer Swing Seattle

Queer Swing Seattle hopes to create a dance school and dance community of like-minded people excited about Lindy Hop, Swing Music and Dance who want to bring their uniqueness into everything they do. 


UHeights values the partnership with Queer Swing Seattle, and works together with Quuer Swing Seattle to provide more opportunity and resources (a safe place) for LGBTQAI+ dancers.

Visit their website here

Defense Ninjas

Defense Ninjas believes in a holistic approach and teach women and teenage girls how to strengthen their mind and body.

By partnering with Defense Ninjas, UHeights hopes to provide self-defense knowledge for women and teenage girls in our community.

Visit their website here

NorthWest SHARE

Northwest SHARE is a Seattle-based non-profit organization established for the purpose of organizing programs for the benefit of the general public in the areas of Health, Arts, Relationships and Education.

UHeights have partnered with NorthWest SHARE to bring the Free Food Truck to UHeights's South Parking Lot to provide free food resources for people in the community.

Visit their website here


Interested in becoming one of our partners? Contact Mason, our Associate Director, for details.