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Box of Socks

Open: 24/7


Free Socks! Need socks? Take a pair! Have socks? Leave a Pair! Box of Socks is now at UHeights through our partnership with Seattle Homeless Outreach.

Box of Socks

Street Chaplaincy Ave Wagon

Hours: Sunday 12 -1:30 PM [12:35 - 12:50 PM at UHeights]


The Ave Wagon rolls up and down The Ave on Sunday afternoons, delivering snacks, socks, underwear, cigarettes and more to anyone who needs it. The wagon is a service of Christ Episcopal Church, and travels between 42nd and 50th. 

Ave Wagon

What are your Legal Rights?


Northwest Justice Project (NJP) provides critical civil legal assistance to thousands of low-income people in Washington. If you are in need of legal assistance apply online through NJP or call the NJP CLEAR hotline: 1-888-201-1014

Columbia Legal Services advocates for laws that advance social, economic, and racial equity for people living in poverty in Washington State. For assistance, please click the link above to visit their website.

Are you in need of car repairs?

USA Auto Glass + Repair - 15001 Bothell Way NE #1, Seattle, WA 98155

Phone number: (206)367-0107

Additional Resources

Call 2-1-1 is a free confidential community service and provides resources related to utility assistance, food, housing, health, child care, after school programs, elder care. crisis intervention, and much more.

The Emerald City Resource Guide is a regularly updated guide for over 500 services available to people in King County. This guide includes services for:

  • Clothing Assistance

  • Day Centers

  • Dental and Vision Services

  • Drug and Alcohol Services

  • Emergency and Crisis Lines

  • Employment and Training Services

  • Encampments

  • Family and Maternity Services

  • Financial Assistance

  • Food Assistance

  • General Health Services

  • HIV/AIDS Services

  • Housing Services

  • Hygiene Services

  • Identification Services

  • Immigrant and Refugee Services

  • LGBTQIA2+ Services

  • Legal Services

  • Mail Services

  • Mental Health Services

  • Native & Indigenous Services

  • Pets and Service Animals

  • Problem Gambling Resources

  • Re-entry Assistance

  • Senior Services

  • Services for People of Color

  • Shelters

  • Storage Services

  • Survivor Support Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Veteran Services

  • Womxn's Health Services

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