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Join us for our 2018 SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL. With new, outdoor performances every Saturday, expect to be transported by the stunning rhythms and melodies.


Free to the public, with tasty bites available from the U District Farmers Market.

JUNE 2, 12-1PM

Tudo Beleza

Brazilian Dance and Music

Tudo Beleza is a Seattle dance company that brings the creativity, energy and infectious enthusiasm of Brazil to the stage. Tudo Beleza is dedicated to bringing a slice of Brazilian culture to Pacific Northwest audiences, with vibrant dancing and colorful costumes that invoke the spirit of Carnaval.

JUNE 9, 12-1PM

CeAtl Tonalli

 Aztec Dance

CeAtl Tonalli is a traditional Aztec Dance group. They have been dancing in the Northwest since 2004. Between organizing ceremonies, Danza presentations, historical and cultural workshops, artistic projects and community engagement, CeAtl Tonalli does it all! 

JUNE 16, 11AM-1PM

The Speakeasy Jazz Cats 

1920's and 30's New Orleans Jazz

Music from the 1920’s-1930’s, The Speakeasy Jazz Cats learned old Jazz from the Streets of New Orleans. Songs from Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, The Mills Brothers, The Boswell Sisters. The Speakeasy Jazz Cats are run by Dusty Daleo.

JUNE 23, 11AM-1PM

Charlie Beck (Squirrel Butter)


Charlie Beck is part of husband-wife duo Squirrel Butter, which performs traditional and original music influenced by Appalachian, early country, jug band, and blues artists from the late 1800’s through 1950’s. They explore the genres of old-time, early bluegrass, country, & cajun while adding their unique perspective to these traditions and threading these influences into their original compositions.

JUNE 30, 11AM-1PM


Dream Pop/Rock

Ryan Barber inherently writes folk songs about love, depression and desire, but he had the urge to make people move in a way folk songs simply couldn’t do. He had the need for his lyrics to smoothly float over a lush bed of instruments and heady dance driven rhythms. Teaming up with friend Larson Haakenstad and producer, Randall Dunn, the sound of Headwaves was created over the period of two years.

JULY 7, 12-1PM

Gansango Dance Company

West African Dance & Music

Gansango Music & Dance presents traditional and contemporary dance and music from West Africa – drawing on the stunning talent of multicultural dancers and musicians. Live drums and percussion accompany modern dance arrangements based on traditional movement while colorful costumes provide cultural context for Gansango’s dance shows.

JULY 14, 12-1PM

The Harmonica Pocket

Children's Music

Silly and sweet, The Harmonica Pocket is a young at heart duo from Port Townsend Washington. They are known for their outside-the-box, headphone-pop, and highly improvised live shows. Harmonica Pocket has performed for busloads of children and their grownups in theaters, schools, and festivals nationally and internationally.

JULY 21, 11AM-1PM

The Good Kings


The Good Kings are an American Rock band. Grown from across the USA, and assembled here in Seattle. With stylings of reggae, punk, pop, and a pinch of salt. TGK’s groove is highly enjoyed by a beach bonfire or a smoky backyard grill.

JULY 28, 11AM-1PM

The Winterlings


Singing from the depths of the American wilderness, The Winterlings shine their literary lyrics on subjects ranging from transgender Civil War soldier Jennie Hodgers to a friend’s double lung transplant to the life story of a housefly. 

AUGUST 4, 12-1PM

NW Tap Connection

Hip-hop Tap Dance

This urban dance studio presents young performers who bring modern and hip-hop infused rhythm tap to their enthusiastic audiences in the Northwest and beyond. NW Tap Connection specializes in Rhythm Tap and lives by the philosophy that dance enriches the lives of the students by encouraging acheivement.

AUGUST 11, 12-1PM

Seattle Women's Steel Pan Project

Caribbean Steel Pan

The Seattle Women's Steel Pan Project gives women and girls the opportunity to learn how to play and perform Caribbean steel drums and is dedicated to creating a space for women and girls in music through arts education. Their performances have been described as momentous, gigantic, bumping and righteously rhythmic."


Tsunami Piñata

(genre cannot be summarized)

A duo consisting of Luz Gaxiola (accordion + vocals) and Francis Brennan (banjo, guitar, pennywhistle, vocals), Tsunami Piñata specializes in intricate instrumentals and songs in many languages.  
Repertoire consists of songs in Spanish, Russian, French, English, Czech, German, Arabic, Irish Gaelic, Malayalam, Italian, Portuguese, and Finnish.


Flip Phone


Flip Phone (formerly Hoecakes) is a band out of Seattle making past / present / future sounds. They consist of four dudes on vox/guitar, synth bass, keys and drums - and are all bonded by a joy for alternative/rock and performing live. As one fan says: "HOLY MOLY THEY BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE. Real good musicians. Very nice guys."


DE CAJóN Project

 Afro-Peruvian Dance and Music

DE CAJóN Project is a community arts organization dedicated to educating populations about the cultural contributions by people of African descent in Peru. As a movement they facilitate music and dance workshops; offer lectures and residencies; perform widely throughout the Pacific Northwest; and build inter-cultural and inter-generational communities through art.


zoser dunbar_edited.jpg

Zoser Dunbar


Zoser is a singer/songwriter and music bender. An alluring voice, thoughtful lyrics, and a guitar grounds this Georgia native as he makes his way through the Puget Sound. Zoser's music travels effortlessly between alternative, pop, country, and always strikes the listener's soul.


Planes on Paper.JPG

Navid Eliot


 Long-time presence on NW folk scene, Navid Eliot, will be playing a solo set of new music and covers of folk favorites. "Navid's voice barely rises above a whisper, but his words have the fury of Shakespeare and the fire of the Old Testament." - American Standard Time


Yaamba Marimba

Zimbabwean Dance Music

YAAMBA plays infectious, high-energy dance music in the Zimbabwean style brought to the Pacific Northwest by Dumisana Maraire. Their music is rooted in traditional African tunes arranged and played on the mbira which was later adapted to the marimba. Each one of their Zimbabwean-style marimbas was hand-built by Bill Murdoch, one of the band members.


Annette Taborn & Beth Wulff


Annette Taborn is the woman responsible for making blues accessible to students in public schools all over the PNW with her program 'Blues In Schools'. A blues artist from Kalamazoo, MI, Annette started out as an established singer and harmonica player and then later moved to Seattle to continue sharing and spreading her love of blues.



Pop Rock

Sunfly are Jon and Michael, two Seattle musicians with a passion for uptempo tunes and hard-hitting harmonies. They’ve played concerts with the Bushwick Book Club Seattle and were chosen to celebrate the opening of the Stadium Light Rail Station. From covering the Everly Brothers and Bob Dylan to Weezer, Radiohead and beyond, Sunfly love bringing the joy of music to audiences big and small across the city.


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